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The Athlex Float is a new (r)evolution of the Orca S7.

The new Athlex Float triathlon wetsuit combines high buoyancy with high elasticity, resulting in a very balanced wetsuit for swimmers who need added buoyancy to correct their positioning in the water. Thinner upper body and thick leg materials allow swimmers to tackle triathlons with confidence.

The distribution of materials of different thickness in the Athlex Float, such as the 4.5 mm neoprene in the legs, enhances its buoyancy. This will allow you to maintain a horizontal and elevated position in the water for longer, so that your swimming technique is not affected and you can perform at your best in your triathlon competition.

The materials in the shoulder, arm, and back areas give this wetsuit a high level of elasticity in the upper body. This will allow you to swim without restriction, performing each swim stroke with total freedom.

You can improve your speed and hydrodynamics while training and in competitions, thanks to the SCS technology used to treat the materials in this wetsuit.

Neoprene can be damaged by excess salt or other chemicals such as chlorine if used in swimming pools. We recommend washing your wetsuit with plenty of water after use. A small amount of neutral pH soap can be used and then rinsed out afterwards.
Once clean, be sure to prevent it from holding on to too much moisture. Air dry it outside or in a ventilated indoor space, somewhere without direct exposure to sunlight as this can damage its materials.

Storing your wetsuit properly keeps the materials and seams from creasing and being strained for long periods of time. It also prevents the material from wrinkling, which can affect both the wetsuit's durability and appearance.
The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it draped from its waist, so that the most delicate areas such as the shoulders and arms do not have any tension on them.
For wetsuits with very flexible shoulders, (Apex Flex or Apex Flow) it is important not to place them on a hanger from the shoulder area, as this will degrade the elasticity over time. For the rest of the models, a wide hanger can be used, as long as the wetsuit is not strained in the shoulder or neck area.

1) Avoid contact between the velcro and the lining of your wetsuit as this will affect the material’s sensitive fibers. Keep the velcro covered with the provided fabric patch or make sure the velcro is fastened, so that the rough part of the velcro won’t damage the inside of the wetsuit.
2) Be careful not to damage the neoprene material with your fingernails while putting on or taking off your wetsuit, as this type of damage is not covered by our warranty policy.
3) Triathlon and open water wetsuits have been designed specifically for surface swimming. We can't guarantee correct performance of the wetsuits for other activities. Any damage to the wetsuit resulting from activities other than surface swimming is not covered by our warranty policy.
4) Avoid scraping your wetsuit against any surface (especially rough surfaces), never lean on any surface with your wetsuit on.

XS31 - 3378 - 834/9 - 5/3144 - 160101 - 11646 - 53
S33 - 3583 - 895/3 - 5/6157 - 167118 - 13454 - 61
M35 - 3789 - 945/5 - 5/10165 - 177132 - 14760 - 67
L37 - 3994 - 995/10 - 6/1170 - 185145 - 16366 - 74
XL39 - 4199 - 1045/8 - 6/2177 - 189160 - 17373 - 79




There’s an art to getting a triathlon wetsuit on correctly - the main thing is to take your time!

wetsuit fitting guide 01wetsuit fitting guide 02wetsuit fitting guide 03wetsuit fitting guide 04


1. Unzip wetsuit and fold in half like a pair of trousers
2. Place a plastic bag/cotton booties over your foot
3. Push your leg through carefully
4. Gather wetsuit leg up and smooth wrinkles using finger tips [not fingernails]


wetsuit fitting guide 05wetsuit fitting guide 06wetsuit fitting guide 07wetsuit fitting guide 08


5. Slide the suit up towards the crotch and hip
6-8. Place plastic bag on other foot and repeat process, ensure the wetsuit is positioned high up in crotch and on both hips


wetsuit fitting guide 09wetsuit fitting guide 10wetsuit fitting guide 11wetsuit fitting guide 12


9. Place cotton gloves or plastic bag on your hands
10. Slide hand through sleeve - sleeve cuff should sit above wrist bone
11. Carefully gather sleeve and position on shoulder and snugly into armpit
12. Test fit and flexibility - repeat process for the other arm


wetsuit fitting guide 13wetsuit fitting guide 14wetsuit fitting guide 15wetsuit fitting guide 16


13. Ensure the inner back flap behind the zip is sitting flat with no ripples
14. You or friend hold the base of the zip and pull the zip lanyard up and close zip flap
15. Stretch and adjust panels and neck seal accordingly
16. Final check for fit and range of motion

1. Is it better to size up or down in Athlex wetsuits? 

As wetsuits expand when wet and also stretch with use over time, it is important to get the best fit possible when purchasing. While this could mean sizing down for some people, this will not always be the case and should be judged on an individual basis that takes into account comfort and range of motion also. 


2. How should the Athlex Float triathlon wetsuit fit? 

When choosing your Athlex Float triathlon wetsuit it is important to get the right fit. A properly fitted wetsuit should feel like a second skin but not one that inhibits your movement. You should be able to fully rotate your arms in wide circles and stretch and move your legs as normal. There should be little to no wrinkles across the suit including the torso, arms and legs. There should be no bulky fabric gatherings in the groin or underarms either. Too loose or too tight and you’ll experience discomfort from chafing or compression. 


3. Is it easier to put on a wetsuit wet or dry? 

This depends on whether you are wet or dry. If your skin is dry, but your suit is wet, your wetsuit will grab to the surface of your skin and can take an eternity to properly get on. A dry wetsuit is much better able to be pulled on comfortably over dry skin without overly stretching the fabric. Conversely, if your suit is wet, wetting your skin before putting on your wetsuit is recommended, this creates slip and ensures you will not be battling to drag a wetsuit over dry skin. 


4. Is weight or height more important for wetsuit size? 

It may come as a surprise, but weight is a more important factor than height when determining the right size wetsuit. Sizing for different brands of wetsuits can vary significantly so checking your weight and comparing this to your chosen brand’s sizing chart is highly beneficial. This is not to say height isn't a factor, this will determine how well the suit fits your arms and legs but only focuses on the measurement from neck to crotch. Ultimately, you’ll need to review both your height and weight to find the right fit as well as the all-important try-on. 


5. What is the difference between a triathlon wetsuit and a normal wetsuit? 

While they serve much the same purpose, a triathlon wetsuit differs from a normal surfing wetsuit in that they are most often thinner. Surfing wetsuits are designed to deliver warmth, flexibility and durability whereas a triathlon wetsuit is more about reducing drag in the water to allow for better performance while swimming.

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Caroline D.

New Orca Wetsuit

Very good fit and feel and not as inclined to neck chaffing as competitor. M size good for size 12 female but a little large for size 10 daughter

Kelly S.
Australia Australia

Great wetsuit

Great service and great product


Oz Backcountry

Thanks Kelly

Priscila Z.
Australia Australia

Happy with the purchase

Great experience for a very cost effective price


Oz Backcountry

Thanks, Priscila!

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